Windows Azure Pricing Explained for SharePoint (well…the best I can at least)

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sharepointAzureGuideI will be updating this article soon with more help also.

I understand the pricing for Windows Azure is a bit hard to grasp. If you have come to my page, you probably have either tried Azure and had a really bad billing experience, used the pricing calculator and found that it gave you a quote that was so high you decided not to use it or heard a bad story about someone else’s experience.

So, I really like Azure and use it a lot (mostly for SharePoint demos and such). However, I also have gotten burnt by a really big bill because I did not understand how to use it or how the billing works. There is no intent to bash Microsoft in this article, but I believe in being completely honest with people and I don’t want what happened to me to happen to someone else. Thus, my reason for trying to explain to everyone (the best that I can) how the Azure pricing and billing really works and if the service is right for you.


I have broken down Windows Azure pricing into a series of articles in hopes it will be easier to understand, please see below:

1. The #1 Thing You Had Better Stop & Think Before You Do in Azure

2. Windows Azure Pricing Calculator: Why It Won’t Work for Some People

3. Windows Azure Pricing Examples & Cost Scenarios for SharePoint

4. Turning Off Your VMs When Not in Use (for devs & testers mostly)

5. Azure Free Trial Offers, Windows Azure Discounts and Other Bonus Offers 


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