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sharepointAzureGuideI seem to the get the question quite often, “How much would it cost me to run a SharePoint dev/test box per month on Azure”? Of course (the ultimate consultant answer) is, “it depends”. I think the biggest confusion actually comes from so many different scenarios being available to create a SharePoint test / dev environment on Azure, people are doing it all sorts of different ways and using it for different amounts of time.

I created a quick table with just a few scenarios to demonstrate the dramatic differences in your Azure bill that can occur depending on how you set up your environment and how you use it. Just as an FYI, there are many more ways you could create a dev / test Azure SharePoint environment than what I have listed here and those would have different prices also.

Example 1 – A Small SharePoint Development or Testing Farm or Box in Azure (click on image)

*Update 3/31/14 – Azure has announced further price reductions again (to compete with AWS and GAE). They have also announced new segmented tiers of service that do or do not include load balancing and other features. These will be referred to as “basic” and “standard”. See more here. I will update this graph soon.

* Another note, prices might be different based on the Region you select to host your VMs.




  • These are my best calculations only, do not sue me if your bill doesn’t match exactly!
  • These prices do not include: geo-replication (fault tolerance), bandwidth, storage or other costs, this only includes prices for the running of the VMs. In my personal experience, I surpassed the storage and usage allowance a bit which added $5 to $10 a month for a small, personal testing purpose but yours could vary depending on how large your VMs are and if you export them, etc.
  • I am unsure of “double discounts” apply (i.e., you have MSDN and want to prepay).
  • If you do not need to keep your machines on all the time, DO NOT FORGET TO TURN OFF YOUR VMs when not in use.
  • This price calculation was done in September, 2013. Any changes from Microsoft may not be updated here (please verify pricing on Azure site before creating your environment).

Rule of Thumb

Take the time to plan ahead, it will save much more time and money down the road.

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