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sharepointAzureGuideThis list isn’t too long yet but I have the feeling it will grow over time. If you weren’t able to find answers to some specific Azure issues, I would suggest trying any of the following:

Windows Azure Feedback

MSDN Azure Support Forums

StackOverflow Azure Help Forums

Windows Azure Support Forums

LinkedIn Azure Groups – Some are open, some require membership

Glossary & Term Reference for the Azure Cloud – Scott Hanselman

Paid support in your Windows Azure portal – see my article on the caveats of using Azure paid support

DIY (do it yourself) Azure Troubleshooting – An ongoing webcast / podcast via Channel 9 or iTunes

You could try tweeting with the #WindowsAzure tag with a question and hope for a response

Windows Azure Service Dashboard – to see if any services are having issues or outages

Top Support Solutions for Windows Azure – Technet

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