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Leanpub (pre-order): The SharePoint Business Analyst Guide

Amazon Kindle (pre-order)The SharePoint Business Analyst Guide: The guide for requirements, managing, planning and delivering SharePoint with success.


Yes, after 10 years of working with SharePoint, I decided to write and publish a book, The SharePoint Business Analyst Guide. The book comes from years of my personal experience working with SharePoint as a business analyst, administrator, developer, trainer, and manager. I saw a gap (BA joke…) in the industry when it came to requirements, planning, testing, managing and successfully delivering projects with SharePoint technology — and what do BA’s do when we find gaps? We create solutions! 🙂

The book will contain real-world examples of projects I have worked on that were all successes in the end, yet presented different challenges. It will provide sample SharePoint related requirements and questionnaires for you to use on your projects and how I have used them to turn my projects into a success.

At the moment only digital copies are available for pre-order, however, the text version will be coming in the late fall of 2017. If you would like to be notified when the text version is available for order, please fill out the form below. All electronic versions are available for pre-order at the links above.

If you would like to request or ask if a certain topic that you are interested in will be included in the book, just post a comment below. Since I am still wrapping up the final text there will be a bit of time to add some of your requests. Thanks for checking out my book and hope to chat soon!



  1. Acknowledgments
    The SharePoint Business Analyst
    Continuous Learning & SharePoint Knowledge
    Finding Problems to Create Solutions
    The Mindset of Creating and Delivering “Success”
    Preparing to Meet With Stakeholders
  2. Environment, Environment, Environment!
  3. Methodologies
  4. Requirements? Who Has Time For Requirements?!
  5. Meeting With Stakeholders
    Who Really Are the Stakeholders?
    Questionnaire – Asking the Right SharePoint Questions
    Clarity on SharePoint vs. “Something Else”
    Obtaining What You Need (Even if They Don’t Know What It Is)
  6. Creating Your SharePoint Requirements – Part 1
    The Right Requirement Docs For Your SharePoint Project
    ROI = Build vs. Buy
    Usage Amounts and Yes, Size Matters
  7. Creating Your SharePoint Requirements – Part 2
    Security / Permissions / Compliance & More
    Content Types, Views, Workflows, Metadata
  8. Agreements and Planning Before Build
    Reality Check
    How Will the Solution be Built and Maintained
    Discussions With the Administrator (Even If It’s You)
    Discussions With the Developer (Even If It’s You)
  9. Building Your SharePoint Project
    Timelines & How Will the Project Be Managed
    Warning Signs
  10. Testing, Rollout and Signoff
    Governance Plan
    Ongoing Adoption
    Test Plans…Sign on the dotted line…or else!
  11. Saving Failing SharePoint Projects
    Gap Analysis
  12. Other SharePoint Odds & Ends
    Hiring SharePoint Talent
    Tips for Working With “Challenging” People
  13. Sample SharePoint Requirement Templates
    Testing doc
    Functional spec
    Architectural proposal
    Change request
    Gap Analysis
    Stakeholder Document
    Site form request example



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