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As of a part of SharePoint Business Analyst series (which is a part of my book, The SharePoint Business Analyst Guide), I wanted to list how we define success and ensure everyone we are working with has the same understanding of “success”, otherwise, the project might not end up being a “success” (pun intended).

“Successfully meeting the requirements and delivering the SharePoint project that is requested within time and budget.”

We will need something, that our stakeholders (customer) can make a clear, specific explanation and agreement to so that we can deliver “success”. This could include:

  • Requirements
  • Prototypes
  • Diagrams
  • Emails (ugly but reality)
  • Much more…

After meeting with your stakeholders (which we cover in the next section), can you answer the following questions to ensure everyone is on the same page with defining “success” in your SharePoint project?

Can you answer these questions with your requirements about what will make this SharePoint project a success?

  • What is the business problem and how/what are we building with SharePoint to solve it?
  • Scope (in and out of)
  • Timeframes
  • Stakeholders
  • Warranties & Risks
  • What and how dcapturedcapture, displayed and made available
  • Security
  • Who & how will it be managed and maintained
  • Usage (frequency, amount of date, number of items, tracking)
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