Stakeholders in SharePoint Projects

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As of a part of SharePoint Business Analyst series (which is a part of my book, The SharePoint Business Analyst Guide), another key topic is making sure they have the correct stakeholders and that they understand what a stakeholder truly is. I have covered some of this in this blog post.

  • Who and what really is a “stakeholder”? “Anyone who can cause an issue, receive a benefit from or affect your project.” – I said that 😉
  • Primary, Secondary & Peripheral
  • Do we have the right stakeholders involved?
  • IT / Administrators (Windows, AD, InfoSec, SQL, SharePoint, etc.) / Infrastructure / Architecture / Developers / Help Desk or Support
  • End users / Other developers/project teams (not directly on this project)
  • Past parties involved with project (if needed)
  • Change Management
  • Managers (related or ones whose actions could put a stop to everything)
  • Project Managers
  • Trainer / end user adoption

* What is each person going to get from this project

I have also included a stakeholder assessment guide in my book.

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