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Conference-SpeakerSearch-based applications enable rapid solution development in less time and with less risk. Using the new features in SharePoint 2013 search, based on what used to be FAST technology, we are going to build a search-based application live. We can now create a meaningful, intent based and organized multimedia search experience based on the user’s needs and intended results. Come to see how we can solve business challenges, in what use to take days or weeks of programming, quickly and efficiently with search in SharePoint 2013.

Thanks to everyone who joined me at the Baltimore SharePoint User Group for this event.

Let’s Build a Search-Based Application in SharePoint 2013 – Live Demo
Location Pro Objects
7467 Ridge Road Hanover, MD 21076
Date & Time July 18, 2013 6:00PM-8:15PM EST
Event Type In-Person
Cost Free
Registration & Information http://www.meetup.com/dotnet-126/


1. Get started with a development environment of SharePoint 2013

If you already have a development/test environment for SharePoint 2013, feel free to move on to step two. Please note, if you want to use most of the new search features you will want to do a full Enterprise version, unrestricted installation (not shared tenant/sandboxed/O365) . However, you can still use some of the new search functionality in the shared tenant/Office 365 environment:

Set up a SharePoint 2013 Dev Environment


2. Check out the Slides from my Presentation

Let’s Build a Search-Based Application in SharePoint 2013 – BaltimoreSPUG



3. Keep Learning About Search in SharePoint 2013

Check out my new page on the Best Resources for Search in SharePoint 2013 to find books,  experts, videos and more to keep learning about all of the new search capabilities in SharePoint 2013.


Thanks To

Eric Harlan – So….Eric basically saved me when my Azure SharePoint 2013 environment was breaking all over the place 2 days before this presentation. You da’ man! I really appreciate your help.

Shadeed Eleazer  & ProObject – Thanks for letting me speak at the Baltimore SharePoint User Group and to ProObjects for providing the hosting space. Ironically, Mr. Eric Harlan started the Baltimore SharePoint User Group many years ago before moving. Isn’t it funny how things in the world come full circle?

Be good to others, receive goodness too.


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