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SP24ConfWell folks, the conference is over. It was truly amazing. I can’t believe how well it went, how much time was invested in it, how awesome the virtual dashboards were and how hard a few people worked to make something that profound. With over 6700 registrants, it gave everyone an opportunity from around the world to meet others working with areas of SharePoint one may have never knew of. Of course the number 1 question everyone has is “Can the sessions still be seen later?”.  I think they will but you should check the ww.sp24conf.com yourself to see what the options are. If you get a chance, still say thanks to the people listed at the bottom of the blog post!

Just a few of the highlighted speakers were:

  • Bill Baer (SharePoint Product Team) performing the keynote
  • Karuana Gatimu (Microsoft)
  • Jeremy Thake (Microsoft)
  • Marc D Anderson
  • Asif Rehmani
  • Christian Buckley
  • Joel Oleson
  • Laura Rogers (Wonder Laura)
  • Debbie Ireland
  • Liam Cleary
  • Dux Raymond

and many, many more! Check out this awesome interactive speaker page designed by Stefan Bauer to learn more about the speakers. 

Event Details

  • Time & Date: 10pm GMT on April 16th until 11pm GMT on April 17th 2014 (Date has passed).
  • Follow the SP24Conf on Twitter for updates 


There were so many sessions available; it is really hard to choose. Design, development, administration, best practices and much more.

Thank You

If you get a chance, say a special thank you to the folks below who have worked tirelessly to put this event together!

  • Stefan Bauer
  • Mark  Jones
  • Vlad Catrinescu
  • Mathias Einig
  • Jasjit Chopra
  • Jon​ Manderville
  • Paul Gallagher
  • John​ I​nstone
  • Raphael Londner

Remember, no one paid me for this endorsement. I blog about great resources for SharePoint and this event will be one of them. I hope you get the opportunity to attend!

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