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I was recently asked during one of my webinars for Microsoft Teams why the profile picture was not showing for one of my teammates, but my own profile image was. Mostly, this has to do with caching. This usually happens if you have already added a person to your Office 365 tenant and they did not have a profile picture originally, but one was added one later. In this situation, I added a profile picture for Chris Careheart (the team member with no profile picture in this demo) directly in Azure Active Directory. Chris also could have added his own picture in Teams himself. In either case, I am mostly certain that these actions add the profile image to the parent unified group first, then the profile picture replicates downward to the team (remember every team has an Office 365 Group it is based upon and is the child of). Another part to this conundrum is that the internet browser version, the mobile phone version and the downloadable client versions are all built a bit differently and handle the caching differently as well. Thus, I usually see my changes in no more than 15 minutes when I view my team in an internet browser. However, there have been times where it was 24 hours before I saw the change in the downloadable client. One way to “speed things up” by force is to go into the file directories and actually delete the cache files for the client. You can do this by following the steps in this article, how to clear the cache in the Microsoft Teams client.

As we can see in these images below, checking the internet browser version and/or clearing the cache in my client application solved the issue.

Although an image for Chris Careheart had been added to our environment over 12 hours before this image was taken, my client application was still not reflecting the change and showing his image.

By either going to an internet browser to view the team’s channel conversation Chris was a part of or by going to the client after deleting the cache, Chris’ picture now appears for everyone to see.

One other note, it is possible that the person you are looking at has been disabled due to leaving the organization. Depending on how long your organization leaves the person in your Azure Active Directory after termination or while on leave, sometimes this can leave the activity of the person behind but remove the profile picture.


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