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As of a part of SharePoint Business Analyst series (which is a part of my book, The SharePoint Business Analyst Guide), I wanted to review many of the different types of requirement documents I use on my projects. Each project will require a different set of documents depending on the complexity, people involved, budget, stakeholders, etc.

Testing with SharePoint is one of the most difficult tasks to complete. Because there are so many different development models, only certain automated testing routines will work with certain things. What ends up happening is that maybe a program will be tested when first launched, but regression testing becomes almost non-existent. I have included a few notes on automated testing as well as how I create my UAT docs that basically refer back to my requirement documents. This is where my “let the image tell the story” concept comes into play. A lot of copy and pasting from your requirements documents to your testing documents can be done. See both topics below:

Example of My Manual UAT Test Scripts

I wanted to quickly show you an example of a specific test execution to get an idea about what I have described above.
4.1.4 Test Execution Uploading Files
Validates Functional Requirement (example)
*Note: Uploading is not built for responsive design so a laptop or computer must be used for this portion.

1. Click the Upload Content link, this should bring you to another page where you can select a market. This should bring you to a page with a Files tab at the top, now select Upload Document.

2. Now select the file you want to upload.

3. Fill in the form with data pertaining to the file that you have just uploaded.

4. Verify the file is uploaded and checked in.

Test Result 1 – Did this test pass or fail?
___PASS ___ FAIL Any comments?


This is how I create my manual UAT scripts to give to my stakeholders. This way is difficult for them to avoid giving final sign-off to the project.

When To Use What for Testing

As mentioned before, when it comes to testing in SharePoint, your options are very limited. I am able to share a few items with you, but the odds of you having to perform manual testing for at least parts of your project will be very high. Here are a few ideas on testing different types of solutions in SharePoint:
• Add-in Model: Visual Studio Team Services
• Full-trust Solutions: Visual Studio Team Services
• JavaScript (on page or off page): Try tools such as Jasmine, Phantom.js or Mochas
*Note: I have not used Jasmine, Phantom.js or Mocha nor have I heard of anyone using them. However, they should allow the ability to create automated scripts that mimic the behavior of a human and save time from repetitive manual tasks. I have heard that they require a fair amount of time to setup and the costs are possibly high. This is something you will have to investigate.

Example of Visual Studio Team Services testing options.

I cover testing a bit more as well as have an example UAT document in my book, The SharePoint Business Analyst Guide.

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