SharePoint Saturday D.C. June 8th, 2013 – Presenting “Let’s Build a Search-Based Application”

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CapitalBuildingIconI was genuinely excited to be speak at SharePoint Saturday D.C. , June 8th 2013 at Microsoft, Chevy Chase, MD.

I will be presented a session titled “Let’s Build a Search-Based Application in SharePoint 2013“.

I have uploaded my presentation slides and provided some links to other resources to get you started on search in SharePoint 2013.

1. Get started with a development environment of SharePoint 2013

(if you do not already have one). Please note, if you want to use most of the new search features you will want to do a full Enterprise version (not shared tenant/sandboxed/O365) installation. However, you can still use some of the new search functionality in the shared tenant/Office 365 environment:

Set up a SharePoint 2013 Dev Environment


2. Check out my slides from my presentation

SharePoint 2013 Search-Based Applications Slides  or on SlideShare at


3. Keep Learning About Search in SharePoint 2013

There is always more to learn. Pick up new tricks, network with others, watch some videos, read some books, go to some SharePoint events. It is really the best way to become successful with search in SharePoint. Here are some good resources and SharePoint Search “peeps” to keep you moving along:

SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Search Walkthrough Guide – Steve Mann *Discount Code to save 20% is WVUG2VYP

2013 Enterprise Search Walkthrough Guide – Hands-On Lab Edition – Steve Mann (lab based version of book above, unsure if there is a discount code)

@SPSearchWizard – Josh Noble (Josh has videos all over the web and books too)

Mikael Svenson – I have not met Mikael yet but he has a lot of great blog posts

Agnes Molnar – I have not met Agnes yet either but she has slideshares, ebooks, webinars and all sorts of SharePoint 2013 goods to check out

Paul Olenick – this is another fellow’s blog I found who writes articles on SharePoint and search you may enjoy

Scot Hillier – So the irony here is that I have learned so much from Scot’s stuff but I don’t see much of on the web except a few bing/channel9 videos that are older 🙁


Thanks To

Eric Harlan – So….Eric basically saved me when my Azure SharePoint 2013 environment was breaking all over the place 2 days before this presentation. You da’ man! I really appreciate your help.


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