SharePoint Saturday Chicago Suburbs 2016 Wrap Up

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Conference-SpeakerIt was a great event this year at the Chicago Suburbs SharePoint Saturday event. I spoke on “Real World SharePoint Debacles — and Their Solutions!”, if you are looking for my slides, see the end of this blog post. I wanted to shout out to Craig Jahnke, Yvan Hernandez, Jack Fruh and others for putting the event together. I included some photos from some speakers that I admire and know in the community too. If you didn’t get a chance to attend, check out the local SharePoint Saturday events in your area or make sure you come next year!



And some photos from the event including some of my favorite SharePoint speakers:

Sean McDonough talking about SharePoint Disaster Recovery













Virgil Carroll of High Monkey working his magic on SharePoint search













Mike Maadarani talking migrations to Office 365 and on-premises SharePoint












Drew Madelung and his lovely sidekick chatting up collaboration roadmaps













Had a great time, see you all at an event soon! 😉

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