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Welcome to my little “unofficial” SharePoint Azure guide. This guide is somewhat geared toward IT pros & developers, but the information can be helpful to anyone interested in SharePoint and Azure. I wanted to create a guide to help others avoid the making the same mistakes I have using Azure and hope to save you money, prevent as many issues from occurring as possible and help you understand parts of Azure that are not explained or documented very well.

Remember, Microsoft Azure (renamed from Windows Azure) is constantly evolving and changes more often than Lady Gaga changes outfits in her Applause video. I do my best to keep these articles up to date but always check the Azure website to verify any information. If you find any mistakes, have questions or would like to add more help to this guide, just add a comment on each page or tweet me @matthewjbailey1.

1.  First Things First
1.  How and Why are We Going to Use Azure?
2.  How I Describe What is Microsoft Azure
3.  Is Microsoft Azure Right for Me?
4.  Microsoft Azure Might not Be for Me If
5.  Microsoft Azure Limitations
2.  Pricing & Billing
1.  Azure Pricing Explained for SharePoint (well…the best I can at least)
2.  #1 Thing to Stop & Think About Before You Do in Azure
3.  Microsoft (Windows) Azure Pricing Examples & Cost Scenarios for SharePoint
4.  Turning Off / Shutting Down Your Azure VMs When Not in Use –mostly for dev/test
5.  How to Create an Azure Billing Alert Email
6.  Azure Free Trial Offers, Azure Discounts and Other Bonus Offers
3.  Now That We Know How to Use Azure, it’s Time to Setup SharePoint
1.  How do We Create Objects & Services in Azure?
2.  SharePoint Azure PowerShell Configuration / Automation Scripts
3.  Getting Started with SharePoint on 2013 & Azure
4.  SharePoint 2010 on Azure
5.  Microsoft (Windows) Azure PowerShell
6.  SharePoint 2013 & Azure Installation / Configuration “Gotchas
4.  Other Azure Resources (not SharePoint specific)
1.  Learn Microsoft Azure – Best Azure Ways to Learn Azure
2.  Microsoft Azure Help Resources
3.  Azure Paid Technical Support – Six Month Contract Required


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