Session Slides – Creating Requirements for SharePoint Projects

CapitalBuildingIconThanks everyone for attending my session today at SharePoint Saturday D.C. If you attended my session, thanks for surviving the “coziness” of the room :). Just click on the link below to download the .zip file of the slides.



Download – Creating Requirements For SharePoint Projects


Near the end of the presentation are some good links to free requirements templates that others in the SharePoint community have created. Good luck!

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Case Study: A Complex SharePoint Migration

SharePoint MigrationThis blog post is a recap of a complex, customized SharePoint migration. The environment was a full trust solution, full server install of SharePoint Enterprise. This case study was not an upgrade to a different SharePoint version or a move to Office 365. The project was mostly a 1 for 1 move from an existing managed hosting provider to a different hosting provider (although there are a lot of items that you might find useful in any type of migration or upgrade project in my slides).

The blog post and slides cover a lot of different aspects of the SharePoint migration, including many that are not often discussed (such as admitting to mistakes, budgets, politics and personnel problems). However, I have attempted to cover it all; the good, the bad, and the final rewards of what made going through this massive endeavor worthwhile.

For a visual review of what the SharePoint migration included, feel free to review the slides below.

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SP24 Conference – The 1st Global, Free, 24 Hour Virtual SharePoint Conference!

SP24ConfWell folks, the conference is over. It was truly amazing. I can’t believe how well it went, how much time was invested in it, how awesome the virtual dashboards were and how hard a few people worked to make something that profound. With over 6700 registrants, it gave everyone an opportunity from around the world to meet others working with areas of SharePoint one may have never knew of. Of course the number 1 question everyone has is “Can the sessions still be seen later?”.  I think they will but you should check the yourself to see what the options are. If you get a chance, still say thanks to the people listed at the bottom of the blog post!

Just a few of the highlighted speakers were: Read more ›

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How to Create an Azure Billing Alert Email

*NOTE: I was updated from Microsoft that the billing alerts documentation will be located at the following URL as of 10/30/14:

I will update this article as soon as I can and it goes live. Thanks!

Yes, I love Azure and use it quite frequently. However, at the time of writing this blog post, there is no way to enable a spending limit on any type of Microsoft Azure account that is not an MSDN subscription. Even with the MSDN subscription, you can easily use up your free credits without knowing it or have to go through an entire billing cycle before you can turn the limit back on. I had heard a few months ago about creating an Azure billing alert email, however I could not find anywhere in my Azure portal to create this when I hit certain spending limits or had used up a certain amount of free credits. Finally, over the weekend in a Global Windows Azure Boot Camp I attended, I learned how. Read more ›

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Learn SharePoint Responsive Design: Resources to Get Started

PaintBrush Most of you have probably heard all of the rage already about converting your SharePoint sites into a responsive design to accommodate the different types and sizes of devices people are using these days. I wanted to share some resources with everyone on how they can learn SharePoint responsive web design as well.

I will start this post off by recommending the video below by Erik Swenson. He covers the differences with CSS3 & Media Queries and considering older browser compatibility that does not support CSS 3.0 ( is a great reference for this). He also covers how to take the “Mobile First” (using min-width, not max-width) concept and the disadvantages of using max-width on a smaller the screen size. There is also discussion regarding the concepts of simplifying screen displays for mobile devices and stacking.

I have also included some free videos from the SharePoint Conference,  top books, slides and open source CodePlex projects to get you started as well. Enjoy!

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