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When Melissa Hubbard and I wrote Mastering Microsoft Teams we spent many months making it the best we could. That being said, Microsoft Teams changes extremely often. Due to this, some of the items in the book have either changed or are being explained in a different way here. I have kept note of changes to the book since publishing in August 2018 on this blog post. Please see changes and additions below:

Introduction to Teams

There are now 3 versions of Microsoft Teams, each with their own sets of three downloads. They are as follow:

The Teams iOS mobile version now has:

  • Turn off push notifications for specified times
  • Play meeting recordings in the app
  • Schedule personal events
  • See who’s speaking in the call roster
  • View your organization chart
  • Quiet times settings

Working in Teams

  1. Features from StaffHub will start to become available in Teams including assigning their shifts, tasks and allowing them to “check in” for work like using a time clock. Staff Hub, a separate frontline worker app from Microsoft, will eventually roll most features into Teams then be retired itself in late 2019.
  2. When it is shown that the files tab in Microsoft Teams is really just a SharePoint site collection, it should also be noted that if you already had a SharePoint site collection you are using somewhere else in your tenant that has lots of files and you don’t want to recreate it, you can add an existing SharePoint site collection as well in 2 different ways.

Communicating in Teams

  1. There are now policies regarding who can see the Call button in the admin center.  You can also use /call in the cmd bar.

Meeting in Teams

  1. There is now a “Live Event Meeting” type in preview that is more like a WebEx or GoToMeeting concept of broadcasting a meeting or webinar.
  2. Background blur” is a new feature that allows you to broadcast yourself/video during a video but blur out the background so people will not see your messy house, your pets jumping on the furniture or other things that might be deemed as “undesirable” (grin)

User Adoption

  1. There is now an additional report in the admin center for Microsoft Teams Activity which displays the amount of channel and chat messages produced.

Bots & Automation

T-bot is being renamed to help as noted here.

Developing in Teams resource from Microsoft here.

Known Issues

The inability to send messages to Skype from Teams or vice-versa now has some dependency on the mode you have set your tenant to for “co-existence”. Check out this article for more information.

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