Is Windows Azure Right for Me?

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sharepointAzureGuideI think you can see, that when set up properly, with thoughtful consideration and planning, Azure has a lot to offer. Here are some reasons to help you decide if Windows Azure is right for you.

  • You need fast setup & rapid deployments.
  • You require a variable ability to extend network infrastructure (i.e., need some “boosting” to network for major press event) or a very fast growing company.
  • You would like to extend or replace your infrastructure (within known Azure limitations).
  • You would like to create reusable VMs that are customized for your needs (training, multiple client or locations, disaster recovery, etc).
  • You need lower startup costs and less time investment on hardware maintenance.
  • You need to create dynamic shared work environments where internal policies / restrictions would normally interfere (also known as IT –lol).
  • You want quick and easy development / test/ stage or hybrid environments.
  • You would need a disaster recovery solution (off-site storing of backups/VMs; unsure of failover usability at this time).
  • You need to provide server availability in parts of the world where faster connections are needed (and coming back to the USA to your current datacenter is too slow).
  • You would like the opportunity to access and try out newest pre-release versions of software from Microsoft.
  • You would like to use Team Foundation Service to do load and performance testing in a cloud environment.

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