How to Create an Azure Billing Alert Email

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*NOTE: I was updated from Microsoft that the billing alerts documentation will be located at the following URL as of 10/30/14:

I will update this article as soon as I can and it goes live. Thanks!

Yes, I love Azure and use it quite frequently. However, at the time of writing this blog post, there is no way to enable a spending limit on any type of Microsoft Azure account that is not an MSDN subscription. Even with the MSDN subscription, you can easily use up your free credits without knowing it or have to go through an entire billing cycle before you can turn the limit back on. I had heard a few months ago about creating an Azure billing alert email, however I could not find anywhere in my Azure portal to create this when I hit certain spending limits or had used up a certain amount of free credits. Finally, over the weekend in a Global Windows Azure Boot Camp I attended, I learned how.


My first epiphany was realizing this feature was still in preview, so I had to know where to look for it. This URL is a link to the preview features currently available for your Azure account:


After clicking the Try it now button seen in the image above, the features will appear in your Azure billing portal.


After saving, I receive my confirmation email from Azure that my billing alert has been enabled.



Low and behold, my first alert triggered and I remembered to go back into Azure and see what was eating up all of my money 🙂



Of course, if I had seen this article on the Windows Azure site a few months ago, I could have saved a lot of $$$, but I seem to learn things in life the hard way – lol. Hopefully you won’t have to!


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