Collab365 Global Conference – Speaking “The SharePoint / Office 365 Business Analyst”

Have you heard about the virtual Collab365 Global Conference 2017 that’s streaming online November 1st – 2nd? I have been friends with the organizers, Mark Jones and others, for years now and they put on very high-quality conferences. I am happy to be speaking at the conference and encourage everyone to come join the fun and learning!

Join me and 120 other speakers from around the world who will be bringing you the very latest content around SharePoint, Office 365, Flow, PowerApps, Azure, OneDrive for Business and of course the increasingly popular Microsoft Teams. The event is produced by the Collab365 Community and is entirely free to attend.

Places are limited to 5000 so be quick and register now.

During the conference I’d love you to watch my session which is called : ‘The SharePoint / Office 365 Business Analyst’

The session for the SharePoint / Office 365 guy or gal who doesn’t quite fit in anywhere else in the world of SharePoint & Office 365. You may work with end users, manage sites, help others or meet with users discussing their business needs and documenting how to build a project that fulfills their needs. Perhaps you have to test, assist others with figuring out what they want from SharePoint or help manage a project move along and coordinate everything happening among all stakeholders. Requirements, improvements, architecting, possibilities, UAT, support, governance, security, basic administration, support, power-user development and light administration all seem to fall into this new “job title” that is one step short of a “SharePoint / Office 365 jack of all trades”. After working with SharePoint for 10 years and Office 365 for over 4 years, I am happy to share a remarkable accumulation of tips that will give you a jump start in making every project SharePoint / Office 365 project or site you work on a success.

If you join me, you will learn:

  • The importance of knowing your SharePoint / Office 365 environment.
  • Requirement documents of all types to assist you in having successful project outcomes.
  • The importance of spending time up-front prototyping and meeting with users instead of just “diving in” and trying to repair it all later.
  • Real-world examples of having to be a person wearing many different hats with SharePoint & Office 365.


  • Office365
  • SharePoint

Audience :

  • Business Analyst

Time (in UTC) :

  • Wednesday, November 1 2017 6:00 PM EST (Conference begins at 4PM EST)

How to attend :

  1. Register here.
  2. At the time listed above go here to watch my session. (you can also add me to your own personal planner from the agenda.
  3. Be ready to take notes!
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