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To learn SharePoint has been a challenge over the past decade, but I wouldn’t have learned at least half of what I know if it had not been for some really great people and events in the SharePoint industry who take their time and efforts to shamelessly promote themselves as much as I attempt to. Here are my favorite “peeps”, resources, video, and events from the SharePoint ‘hood to help you learn SharePoint…


SharePoint Videos

SharePoint Blogs

There are a lot more, these are just a few of the good ones…

SharePoint Resource Websites


Online Tutorials & Courses


College / University SharePoint Classes (accredited and non-accredited)

Check the internet for more


Virtual Labs


SharePoint eBooks & Books


SharePoint Paid Certified Training Centers / Partners / Bootcamps

There are a ton of these around the world, I just listed the few that I knew were the absolute best from my experience…

Online Question & Answer Groups


SharePoint Community Events & User Groups

SharePoint Conferences


SharePoint Online Communities


SharePoint Code Examples


Podcasts / Netcasts

  • Todd Klindt
  • MOSS Show
  • SharePoint Sideshow
  • Channel 9 MDSN (sometimes)




Social Media

  • #1 thing you should do: GET ON TWITTER and start following SharePoint pros. If you like you can see who I am following to start you off then add or remove persons as it works for you. @matthewjbailey1
  • Join the SharePoint groups all over LinkedIn
  • Yammer – this is sort of a repeat of above, is this social media? I am not sure but check out the link above 🙂
  • Facebook – there are a few SharePoint things on there but not as many as Twitter and such
  • Google + also has a couple of groups or “hangouts” you could join


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